The federal government announced an arbitrary and ultimately dangerous reduction of the allowable reimbursement of medical cannabis for Canada's veterans.

The suicide epidemic among our veteran community is staggering. Some figures calculate that the ratio of suicide for Canada's veterans surpass even those of our brothers south of the border.

The rise in cannabis medication prescriptions to our veterans can be attributed to only one thing: the medicine works. The suicide rate within the veteran patient community on cannabinoid therapy is significantly well below the national average with most provinces having no suicides at all.

We have seen cannabinoid therapy restore families. We have seen broken men and women regain their dignity and purpose. We have seen and documented cannabis as an agent to help break the crippling grip of opioid and alcohol addiction. We have seen defeated men, rise from the ashes and become productive members of society. Against all odds, we have made progress in the fight against PTSD.

As a veteran organization we feel that with this decision, the federal government is putting our veterans and their families in danger. They will have blood on their hands.

I hereby commits to all veteran patients that I will do anything in my power to safeguard you from any adverse affect of this decision as we continue our mission to reach each and every veteran in need of this life-saving medication.

“The real heroes of our country did not come home. Since I cannot fight for them, I pledge my life to fight on behalf of those veterans that did...”

- Fabian Henry

To honour, respect and remember...

Join Fabian on Parliament Hill at the end of his march on May 18th. We march in solidarity to protest the proposed reduction of medical cannabis reimbursement for Canada’s Veterans! It will be the biggest MFT Peer Support Meeting in history!

“We remain on the right side of the dirt because we are finally receiving the right medicine (cannabis) to treat our symptoms.”

- Fabian Henry



"Walk with me or follow me online as I walk from MFT HQ in Oromocto, New Brunswick to Parliament Hill in Ottawa. This initiative is to raise awareness around mental health in hopes for change." - Fabian Henry

May 18th, 2017 - 11:11 am
Join Fabian on his journey starting March 20 as he marches to Parliament. Or Join him on the 18th of May 2017 at the end of the march on the last leg to Parliament in solidarity to protest the proposed reduction of medical cannabis reimbursement for Canada’s Veterans!

It will be the biggest MFT Peer Support Meeting in history!

Note: We will be marching from the MFT Ottawa office (9km) starting at 7:00am (Location Map)

The thousands of families and friends I have seen positively and completely change their lives through our cannabis therapy is my reason for living. Providing avenues for treatment, recovery and lifestyle enrichment is our mandate. Nothing can stop us.

Veteran’s Affairs Canada decision is a knee-jerk reaction lacking any fundamental education and data on the issue. They are putting the lives of Veterans at risk.

This is a fight. This is a fight to honour the fallen and protect those that made it back home.

This is not my fight alone.

This is our fight together.

- Fabian Henry

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